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Here you will get all the information about PTCL Speed Test.

PTCL Speed test

In Pakistan the most popular and widely used internet is PTCL. They offer much reliable broadband services to their consumers that over 76% of the Pakistan Online community has almost 730,000 internet market share connections from around 1000 cities by PTCL.

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PTCL broadband packages

Broadband Upgrade 1Mbps to 2Mbps
FREE Broadband Wi-Fi
National Package (256kbps)
Broadband Student Bundle Package
Broadband 50MB VDSL
Public Cash Payment Machine
Broadband 2MB
Broadband Packages
Broadband 10MB
Broadband FAQs
Broadband WiFi
Free Email
Broadband Installation Guide
Broadband Student Package
Coverage Area

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You can check the ptcl speed test official website for Wifi as well as upload. You can do the speed check up with test tool of your ptcl 1mb student package speed test to use the ptcl multimedia broadband speed test server. If you get this message ptcl speed test this text is replaced by the flash movie then ping your router on mobile and online in Pakistan.

If PTCL speed test is not working for ptcl net now for your landline, Evo wingle then you can do bb internet speed test by OOkla with the software download. This speed test hack is best for google ptcl speed test global and for fibre optic speed test.

You can get ptcl speed test without flash for evo cloud and wingle DSL speed for 2MB, 4MB, 8MB, or for Wingle 3.1. You will get results in kbps if you are using flash player for broadband.

You can get PTCL bill details and contact on live chat support to know more about your complaints.

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