Here you will learn how to get PTCL duplicate bill to avoid extra charges.

In Pakistan, PTCL is the most popular Telecommunication company that provides telephonic and internet system services all around Pakistan. The PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited).

PTCL Duplicate Bill

PTCL serves the users with a month to month subscription. Either you are using in schools, workplaces, and homes you have to pay the ptcl bill for each month. In Pakistani, the ptcl bill comes by post, so there are chances that you might lose your bill. Similarly, there can be cases where you bill is delayed due to certain issues. Nobody wants to pay the extra charges for the delayed bill.

In 2018 they have revolutionized their systems and have provided an online portal for PTCL phone Bill’s and internet Bill’s where you can simply enter your phone number and Record ID to receive a duplicate copy of your PTCL bill in soft format. You can get a print of that file and then submit your bill.

ptcl duplicate bill

Due to weak infrastructure, PTCL sometimes gets in trouble for the distribution of internet bills in all around Pakistan with having almost 2 million subscribers. Not only the internet services, but you can also subscribe to telephone services, smart TV services and broadband services to use a wireless internet connection. They are continuously improving their systems due to the competitive environment and has fixed line telephone and internet services in all areas of Pakistan.

PTCL Bills

All the online communication-related matters are handled by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). They are always looking at these ISPs (Internet Service Providers) like PTCL, Qubee or others to make sure they are efficient, cost-effective and has continuous availability in a wide range in this competitive telecommunication service.

PTCL Services

As mentioned earlier, PTCL is not only an internet provider. They are offering a large number of services to grab a large number of customers and to fulfil their online demands. The agency offers services range from making online bill payments to Evo services.

  • Make PTCL online account by giving basic information about yourself.
  • Bill inquiry service available on (official website).
  • E-Payment services to receive a bill in your Email.

Online Bill Payment Facility

PTCL offers Online Bill Payment Facility to their customers so that they can pay the dues for their usage or can do automatic restoration of suspended lines. Aforementioned, they have improved their system and now you can get duplicate bill DBILL like the PTCL landline or PTCL EVO bill.

PTCL Duplicate Bill

As you know late submission costs you extra charges. In case, if you haven’t received your PTCL bill yet you can simply get a copy of PTCL bills online. Before the due date, you can download the PTCL duplicate bill copy and make the submission to avoid any kind of extra cost. To get the duplicate bill you need to remember your PTCL account id and landline number which you can insert on and then you can download a fresh copy of your bill. Except for the bill payments, it also provides all history of your PTCL bill payment making sure that you are getting good with previous bills or not and you can know other details.

PTCL Helpline 24/7

Due to a large number of customers, they have developed their PTCL live chat service so the customer sitting far from their physical offices can get instant support and talk directly to PTCL agents from 9 am to 9 pm. The live chat is only for a certain time period but the helpline number is 24/7 available. Using the PTCL customer care centre you can get the desired information and prompt service.

PTCL Bill Print/Check Online

Either you are living in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, you can get ptcl duplicate bill of previous month anytime. If you have all other documents with proof you can get ptcl duplicate bill without account id. You can also get the bill for consecutive months like October, November and December. Then January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September and so on. Thanks to their online portal, now you can get ptcl Evo duplicate bill as well as ptcl landline duplicate bill. Getting old bills is not a problem in 2018.

PTCL Bill Inquiry

You can get ptcl bill inquiry and get all details about your bill.